Domain FAQ

How Much Does 123 ehost charge to register A Domain Name?
You can find our price list at


“Can I register a domain name if I am not ready to sign up for hosting yet?”
Yes, you can register your domain name and you can set up a hosting account later.


“Can I register a domain with 123eHost, but have the domain host elsewhere?” Yes. Just register your domain name and fill in different name servers in your domain manager.


Will transferring a domain name change my information?
No. All existing information in your domain record will be preserved. Once the transfer has been completed, you can then use the Domain Management System to change any information you choose.


“What is redemption period?”
Please click here for detailed information.


“Do you offer FREE Domain Privacy”
YES!!! We take your public information and make it private! Stop Domain related SPAM. Included is a private SPAM filtered encrypted Email address for your domain.

Domain Theft and Domain Fraud are no longer an issue. Harassers, Stalkers, and Data Mining companies will no longer abuse your information.


“How can I get my authorization code to transfer the domain name to another Registrar?”
Login to your domain manager at
click on Transfer Lock beside your domain name and then disable it. That’s all.


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