Here Are Just A Few Customer Comments and Testimonials


I’ve been with 123ehost since the late 1990s, and part of why I stay with them is that every time I call or email, I get a response from an actual person with a name. Not only a person, but the same person. For over  20 years. I don’t know a single person who can say that about the web hosting service!
Celia Pearce, Associate Professor of Game Design, Northeastern University


I just renewed my internet hosting. I did not, not even for a single flash of a moment, consider moving my presence to a different company. For 18 years now I have been more than satisfied here. In fact, I have been, again and again, impressed. Customer service, be it billing questions, tech support, newbie hand-holding, or user-caused glitches explained, the response comes usually within minutes, and at worst I had to wait two hours once to get a response email. When you do get a response, via email, telephone, or website, it is never impatient, never condescending, never over my head. It always feels kind, personal, helpful and my questions are always resolved on first try. Can you say that about *your* ISP? Oh, and my rates never go up, even when I get more and more options, more databases, more bandwidth, more email accounts, more software, more everything. Same price for 18 years. Uhm 19 years, since I just renewed.
Anyway, thank you 123ehost.com I am so glad I picked you way back when!

‎Lauren E Delp‎


Can I say how much I appreciate the service at 123ehost ?
Just made my annual renewal for my domain: AlbanyHandball.Com. Wanted to let the staff (via this communique) of 123ehost know that I have been a very happy customer for many years now and look forward to another year of super service and support.
Since switching to my ‘business’ plan I have found the aggravations that I had previously endured to be a thing of the past and wish I had done it sooner.

Merry Christmas to all and many more!
Jim Giner


Can I say how much I appreciate the service at 123ehost ?
I don’t know if Sam is a person or a team, but each and every time
I had a question or a request, I was answered fast with an appropriate recommendation or solution.
it is truly appreciated.
If you want to forward this email to anyone, don’t hesitate. I stand by the idea.

Thanks so much,


….I appreciate the speed and efficiency of the Tech Support staff at 123ehost! I’ve been using your services for about 10+ years, now, and hope to continue. 🙂

William B III


Thank you again for the high level of support and service. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve turned to 123ehost for my web-hosting needs, but there aren’t many other companies that can hold a candle to the service and support that you and your team offer.



Thanks, Sam! You rock. I think I am starting my 18th year with you. Never regretted for a single moment. Muah!



I have been hosting with 123ehost now for probably over 10 years, hosting 7 or 8 sites with them and not once have they disappointed. The set up process is fast and the information provided is clear. I’ve only received quick and friendly assistance on the few times i have needed to contact support. It’s usually been Sam I deal with and the experience has always been great. I always recommended 123ehost when ever I am asked who i use for my hosting. Thanks for the great service!



Wow! That was fast. Thanks Sam. I have another company that has hosted with 123EHost for the last 8 years. I knew it was a good idea to bring our new business to your company because the service is always very good.

Neil Scott


123Hosts support is excellent !!!  They resolve our issues quickly, and are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous – everything you want from a support group.

David Harris


123host are on top of their game.There meticulous and professional approach to the realization of my website was much appreciated. Plus their support was prompt and adequate.

Levon Kaprielian


Just a reminder – you guys are the best domain host on the planet.

Simon Fraser


You guys still rock! I think I’ve been with you for 15 years and you never fail to exceed my expectations with great service! Cheers!



123eHost’s support crew offers the best customer service in any business. I’ve asked hundreds of questions, I’m sure, over the 15 years I’ve been a customer. All are answered skillfully and in timely fashion. That is precisely why my websites have always been hosted by 123eHost and it’s why I’ll continue to recommend 123eHost to others. Thank you!

Joe Block, Milwaukee, WI


Unlike the other hosting companies I work with, 123Ehost appears to be trouble-free. I look forward to having your company host my website for years to come.



After a recent change in company focus and audit of our web server needs we were in a position to make a few moves and of course, had a look around the web at hosting packages to meet our new requirements. Yes, these are some pretty good deals out there and as business owners we are always looking to save a few dollars. Then we compared these numbers to the service we have enjoyed for 7 years with 123Ehost, and the decision was made to make 123 fight for our business.
A request to the sales department with our changes and new server requirements for our 40+ domains was answered quickly with a perfect solution. To think we even considered moving to save a few dollars could have been a huge mistake. Where else could we find the level of service, prompt responses and quality of tech help.
Thank you for 9 great years or service and many more to come…

Bobi J Gillespie, Owner of Nictech Designs


Yes, their specs and prices are competitive, but these folks are NOT your average hosting company; they are back pocket allies in all things web hosting, and have made me (and seven years’ worth of clients) 110% satisfied. Your affordable prices lured me initially, but I will remain a devotee because of your truly outstanding customer service. I have far more general inquiries and information requests than I have problems, but when I have called for help you have consistently gone beyond the call of duty to educate me. You actually answer your phones – and I recognize your voices. You compose personalized emails addressing my specific needs within minutes of my writing you. I am a more confident, relaxed web host reseller because of it. Whatever the issue, whenever the issue, Sam and the rest of you guys have my vote of confidence that things will be handled with integrity and genius. Thank you so much, amigos. 123 million acres of gratitude.

Mary Geitner, Owner & Creative Director, 9-VOLT Design


You have made it possible for my clients to have affordable and, most of all, very reliable hosting. You are the best!
Working with your staff over these past eight years has given me so much confidence and, most of all, I  have learned so much from all of you.

Mary E. Mackenzie, President


I use 123eHost
I buy the Premium service yearly which is $75
They have servers in both Canada and the US …I’m hosted off their server in Quebec. Great service, great price AND they don’t customize their servers with options like GoDaddy that prevent standard usage scripts, data bases etc.
They are by far the best deal and service I could find …and believe me …I looked 🙂

Ron Merk


You people deserve an award. I have been setting up my own and other people’s accounts with 123ehost since 2001 and have never ever had an experience that didn’t exceed my expectations. Never once. And everybody I send to you for accounts says the same thing, and nobody has ever left once they sign up with you.
It’s always nice to include some specifics with kudos, so: The value can’t be beat. And every year they send me an email describing more that I’m getting – more features, more space, more databases, it’s always something, and it 8 years my price has never gone up. Response time can be counted in hours – usually less than six, I have never ever waited 24, not sure I ever waited 12. And the response is always but always competent, courteous, even kind, and I’ve never had to write back for clarification.
We (your customers) should invent an award just for you. Please pass this on for me, will you?

Lauren Delp


Dear 123eHost,
Just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your services. Every time I use your technical support I get prompt and courteous service, and get the problem solved. I consider myself an advanced amateur when it comes to web site technology, but your staff has bailed me out time and again when I was sinking in all the possibilities. Your on line movies and clear instructions are always helpful, and the continuing increases in your basic service and the upgrading of software without increases in prices is appreciated.
I have been a very satisfied customer of 123eHost for over six years, and can find no reason to change to another host.



Hi Russel & Sam,
Thank you so much!!
Again you guys have proven what I have known for the last 9 years since I’ve been hosting with you: YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!
I really appreciate going the extra-mile and helping with this back-end issue that was beyond me!Everything is working again and your excellent support deserves high praise!

Best regards,
Dave in Montreal


I just have to compliment 123ehost in the service. Every time I have had an issue, you guys have resolved it faster than anyone has ever done for me. I am really happy with your service and have no regrets having my accounts with you. I will definitely refer you to EVERYONE that I know may need your service.

Thanks again,
Delia Wagner


I have been with your hosting services for Two Years now.
During this time I have asked for support Three times. Twice due to my own mistakes. Once due to an issue with the Control Panel. Your support was amazing every time. Uptime and Service have been excellent. It’s rare that I find a company that delivers everything they promise and more.
I have no problem recommending your services, and as my needs change, I know where to go to upgrade. I have not found the Value or Service Elsewhere!

Keep up the good work!
George Wright 


We can’t say enough good things about 123ehost.com. Not only is their service affordable, but their customer service is OUTSTANDING!
They respond in a very timely manner. They even helped us solve a problem that our previous host had caused.
We will be recommending 123ehost to all of our business and personal contacts.

Jeanne Goodman
President, DesksideGuru, Inc.


Thanks! All of you guys have consistently given fast, friendly, reliable tech support for years now!

Thanks so much!!!
Leadville, Colorado


To 123 ehost.com
I would like to thank you very much for your Great service.Some time I feel shy to ask you something because I have paid you little amount but getting this much great customer support.
I’m from Japan and I think there is no other place where customer can get better support and service than Japan but 123ehost.com providing us really great support and service like in Japan perhaps better.
I hope you will keep contentious your excellent service.
Lastly I recommend 123ehost.com to any one who is looking for domain hosting company.

Thanks Again
Raj Chalise


To 123ehost:
You are the BEST! My partner and I have worked with several hosting services and none have been even close to as responsive and helpful as 123ehost. The professionals at 123ehost far exceeded my expectations every time I’ve had glitches with my web site. Given the price I paid for the hosting service, I figured I would get absolute minimum service as compared to the high level of service promised by the host of another web site of mine. The expensive service has either seemed ticked off when I’ve called with issues or they’ve ignored me. 123ehost patiently walked me through solutions on their web chat line within minutes of my request. When multiple solution options still left my problem unsolved, they demonstrated curiosity about the issue, working from many angles to eventually resolve the issue. At all times the 123ehost staff gave me the sense that they were truly interested in my success. No other web hosting service has demonstrated that to me. I strongly recommend 123ehost to novice and expert web designers alike.

Laura Gilbert, Ph.D.


Just revisited your website, to add and transfer domains, and I’m blown away.. IT’S OUTSTANDING!!! …the site itself… its features, clarity and ease of navigation… as well as the ever growing variety of services offered. Most impressive!!! Congratulations!
Most of all, I am amazed by the outstanding customer service 123ehost.com continues to provide… always accessible and immediately responsive to every e-mail and phone call!

I don’t know how you do it… but THANK YOU!!!!!
D. Davidson


I’ve been a client of 123ehost for 3 years, so far. I have used other hosts and would never go back to any of them. 123ehost has the best plans, the best prices but most of all, they have the best customer service of them all. I’ve never had a problem (which always occur from my end) that wasn’t answered immediately with either the “Live Talk” or within minutes or a couple of hours from their email support. And when they’ve explained something to me and I just don’t understand they do it from their end. Cheerfully. I recommend 123ehost to all my clients and to anyone else that is talking to me about putting up a web site. Great Job you guys!

Viki Barefoot


I am renewing for another year, a month and a half early. Because I can’t think of a better way to show my appreciation for your services this past year. You have been right on the spot when ever I needed any assistance. You should be proud of your great organization. I sure am and find it a real pleasure doing business with 123ehost.com.

Keep up the good work!
Al Adaskin


Good Morning!
I just wanted to write in praise of your excellent support personnel. Over the weekend, they were most helpful. All of their responses were rapid, courteous and patient – even to the less computer literate such as I. Thanks so much.
Accolades to you all!



Hi There:
I just wanted to tell you guys great your services are.
So far I’ve been with you a couple of months and I have to say, I’m totally satisfied. You’ve been great!!
Just so you know, I probably searched more than 200 sites that offer web space and domain services before I picked you. I choose you guys based on services offered and prices. ( my one unknown was how’d you live up to you promises.) I think I can say that you’ve exceeded my expectations in every area.
I particularly like your Cpanel services. I was able to initiate my account, add email accounts, add a mail list, ftp my files and set up my domain with no physical intervention from your help desk. I found that amazing!! I guess I could take credit for it and say I must be getting better at this computer stuff, but I suspect it’s more to do with your services and the tools you offer.

Well Done!! And Thanks
Ron Merk


For years I have dabbled into web publishing with a lot of different companies and today I received the best tech support that I have ever had. Thanks so much for the LivePerson(tm) chat support. Tom was quick and complete in his investigation of my problem. While the problem required some escalation it was comforting to know that there really was a problem and that it wasn’t something that I was doing. I am glad that I recommended 123eHost to the client and will certainly use you again with my next project.



“The Best Hosting Company Around!!! Between the quick setup time and the excellent customer service you can’t find a better hosting company anywhere. What first lured me to 123ehost was the incredible price (almost to good to be true), but what is keeping me and my four sites there is your support staff. Very rarely do I have a problem, but if I do it is fixed before I can even get a chance to write an email to the support team. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep sending all my business to 123ehost!”

Neil A. Boardman


Hello 123ehost.
I would like to CONGRATULATE you-
re: the very efficient support group at 123eHost.
I recently encountered several complicated issues with my web-site and called upon your support team to help me resolve my problems.
What I got was this……
QUICK, professional, NICE people (Tom, Harry & Sam) who helped me get my web-site up & running in a very short time.
I could not believe the immediate response and help I received. These guys stayed with me until the problem was corrected.
I was and remain… impressed!
I consider myself “somewhat” computer literate…but in no way could I have figured out (in this year) what I needed to do.
I’ve been on-line for about 5 years now and have NEVER received such GREAT SERVICE from any ISP.
I look forward to RECOMMENDING your company to everyone I meet.
I am very pleased to have you host my web-site.

Regards & continued success.
Dan Tate, Real Estate Broker


Your services are not only cheaper priced but EASIER TO USE!!!
If you guys advertised your rates in safe lists and Free ads you would probably be SWAMPED with people signing up!!!
I already have you hosting 2 business websites and may start doing registrations as soon as they expire with Network Solutions/Verisign.
Keep up the GREAT service!!!
Also, you guys have REAL technical support too!!!!
They are prompt and know what they are talking about.



Just uploaded my site, to your server this morning.
“Smooth-as-Silk” upload, and I must say, your server(s) act like they are on binary steroids. You folks come across as delivering everything you’ve promised. You’ve got an evangelist here.

Don McKay


I just wanted to take a minute and thank your staff at 123Ehost for helping me with my website problems. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and responsive to my emails and phone calls. I uploaded my new site today and everything is working great. I hope to have a long and happy relationship with your company.

Laura Dawson


Dear 123eHost Team,
This is just a short message to express our appreciation for service extended to us in a timely and very professional manner. Whenever we approached you for advice might it be in terms of domain registration, hosting or domain parking competent feedback was provided within one day (despite the severe time difference of 11 hours!). Thanks to this excellent service we have been able to accomplish ALL our ambitious tasks quickly and efficiently at a pricing impossible to beat. It has indeed been a pleasure cooperating with you and we look forward to a long lasting partnership.Thank you very much.

Tramaico Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
Richard Hall (Managing Director)


Hi, I recently set up my second site on your service. It seems I get myself in trouble every time I do something new on my computer and this was no exception.Your tech support guy, Tom, was extremely helpful and displayed the patience of a saint. We spent about 25 minutes on the phone and he finally got my computer and I both firmly back on track. Thanks Tom! It was a pleasure dealing with you.

Bob Squiers 


Thanks for your quick reply and action – as always, I’m very impressed with the excellent customer service you guys run – I can’t believe that I ever considered hosting anywhere else.

Matthew Lang



…I also wanted to thank you for the incredible service and speed you guys offer. I have switched two of my clients over to you already plus my site, and have completely eliminated all problems I was having. My one client noticed when I switched them over and asked what I did to improve the site and email service. I told them I switched over to you guys and they are thrilled. This is very important because this client is pretty big in Michigan. They are a major publishing company that is in the middle of expanding. They needed reliable web hosting before they could continue on. Thanks again – and don’t change – you are doing a fantastic job.

Bill Wilson


You guys have the best support I’ve ever got from anywhere (internet & telephone)… I’m sending one of my best friends to you guys to set up his personal webpage.

Thanks again,
Chadwick (wicked)


I just wanted to add my comments to your Testimonial sheet. I started my first web site in July 2001, dakehome.com and while teaching myself HTML got my web site up in one afternoon with your technical support. I have found your technical support staff as excellent help with all questions that I could throw at them. You have a real winning combination of low cost and excellent service.

Maurice L. Dake


This service and these people are GREAT! I placed a phone call at 8pm and actually got a live body answering immediately to answer a question I had before setting up service. More than satisfied with the answer I proceeded to set up service. I could not get the payment server (which must be noted, is NOT 123ehost server, therefore not their fault) had a problem accepting my payment. I figured, oh well, I’ll just wait and try tomorrow. They knew immediately that there was a problem on line and CALLED ME!!! They went ahead and set up my account anyway and informed me they would email me the next day when they had gotten things cleared up with the service they use for taking payments on line. I was in business in less than 10 minutes. The next day as promised, they notified me when they had things cleared up. Every question or comment I have had for them has been dealt with and responded to in record time. If you are looking for a web hosting service that cares and responds, this is the place to be! Keep up the fantastic job!!! I’ll be here for years to come.



Wow and wow again, you are just great people, it´s clean, it´s faster, it´s incredible, thank you for your awesome service. I´m new host user from your server. The F.A.Q’s section is great and easy to understand; my english is not the 100% i´m from Mexico but i understand you very well, thanks again for your very good service and the awesome price.

Luis Alonso García Aguirre


I just want to let you know what fantastic service I received from Mark. I have never uploaded a web page before, nor had anything to do with websites. He patiently guided me through the whole process, including downloading the relevant FTP software, and I now have the webpage on my site. I have already thanked him in person (well, via the chat room), but wanted to let you know how happy I was as well.

Many thanks,
Heike Hamann


Just wanted to thank everyone there for the help in getting our domain up and running on your server. In spite of my spelling errors, and panic at not seeing the site up and running the tech staff was great. So my site is up and running again!

Tom Savage


“My request was dealt with extremely quickly – the problem was fixed within half an hour of submitting the form, couldn’t ask for better than that. Thanks very much, it’s a comfort to have such reliable support. best regards,”



“is a pleasant and welcome surprise as compared to what I put up with in previous hosting companies.”

Robert Grieser


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we value your services. We used to host with a company who gave us nothing but headaches, but since we’ve opened an account with 123ehost, we haven’t had one complaint. We currently host 3 sites, and we will be choosing you for EVERY new site that we develop. We especially appreciate the fact that you don’t overload the servers; the load times are incredible! once again, thanks, for the great service! “

Chad Bormann


“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help today. I am very new to web creation and you have been very patient and helpful. Everything seems to be up and running smoothly. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Phyllis Reed 


Look, you’ve been an awesome help! I have received quotes all over the place, and you have been:
1.The quickest response
2.The easiest control panel (and some providers have no control panel!)
3. The most helpful.
4. The most competitive price. By far, my experience with your company has been the most , wonderful, hassle-free service provider I have dealt with. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again.
T. Williamson


All of the necessary changes have now been made. Thank you so much for all of your help. Strategy Guru, Michael Porter of Harvard University is inaccurate when he proposes that a company can’t provide high quality services and low cost.

You guys are fantastic!
Dick Gleason for Umberto Centofante


Are all web hosts this good. I have had not one problem since starting with 123 ehost.com.
I have little experience in the internet industry, but setting up my web page is easy with your Control Panel and pre configured CGI scripts.

Nicholas Richardson


I wish to express many thanks to the team of 123 eHost. Being new to an online business venture, I must admit I was quite overwhelmed by many questions. Your team has taken much patience with me. I have never dealt with a company with such commitment to their clients. I am so glad I found your hosting company. Sam, thank you so very much.
I have recommended you and will continue in doing so, with much pleasure.



I have just setup my website www.griswalds.us and I have to thank you people for your great service and explicit instructions in the process. The service appears fast and easy to operate and I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Thanks again
Eric Wilson


I’ve been through some miserable hosting experiences and I have to say that 123ehost is the best! I have never had to wait long for a response to a question and the network performance is A-1.

Thanks for a year of impeccable service!


Thank you. you guys really are an outstanding service. you’re always accessible and helpful and i’ve never had any downtime. and you’re very reasonably priced. i’ve recommended you to many.

Dave Segal


Another year of excellent service and support! I was offered some free space recently..
Why? When what I have works! It’s been rare when I have had to ask for support.
When I have.. it has been some of the best I have encountered.

Your Hosting Rocks!


Thanks for your always prompt response.I continue to be highly impressed and highly satisfied by 123ehost, its cordial and helpful staff, and its affordable host plans and services.

Kevin Jenkins