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SitePad is a Premium tool that will make customizing the design of your site so easy, you’ll never need another theme. Drag, scale, position, customize and see every edit as it’s made, in real-time with SitePad theme framework. With 500+ templates which cover a wide range of categories like Blog, Business, Portfolio, Restaurants, Travel and many more. All themes are Responsive, styles and look can be customized from the Website Editor.

Just drag and drop elements where you want on the page to easily add anything.

Limitless Theme Possibilities

Imagine opening photoshop, designing your layout, clicking save, and that’s it – it’s online and working. Install a SitePad starter theme, customize or completely rebuild it to your liking, and see your edits in real-time. It’s not just a page builder limited by boxes, slide controls and dials, modify any element to any degree with complete design control.


Take complete control over colors, fonts, styles, images, videos and content – in just a few clicks.


Upfront makes it easy to edit the responsive view of your site in any devices, from big tablets to tiny phones.


Sliders, galleries, maps, social, videos, contact forms, buttons, menus, widgets, code, posts, login, tabs & more.

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Have fun creating your website exactly the way you want.

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So people can find you via Google and other search engines.

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